Brad Lister

Brad Lister, trouw aanhanger van Burnley FC en tevens een groot hart voor Helmond Sport. Een van onze ‘friends across the border’.

How did you end up at Helmond Sport ?
I ended up at Helmond Sport because of my mother Vicky Lister and uncle Darren living there, I think his friendship of Helmond Sport is a great thing, it’s a spirit that my uncle has left behind for ya to follow.

What do you think about the friendship between Burnley and Helmond?
It is outstanding. Over the years it has been adventure of good times and creating forever friends, there is a lot of love, respect and understanding that goes on. Between the friendship of the two clubs that are joined together! One love.

What do you like most about Helmond ?
The most I like about Helmond is the welcome and respect they have for you, they have a lot of time to spend and have conversations with you.

How do you follow the matches of Helmond Sport?
The matches I follow every friday to hope the team does much better and can get promoted, also I will attend as many games as possible!

What is your best memory of Helmond?
Memories I have with Helmond are a lot to rember! Very great times! Many people couldn’t explain!

How is the experience when Helmond-fans come to Burnley?
When Helmond come to burnley it is like my brothers have returned home! These best memories, always one love one line.